Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quincouplet Project: Round 1 and River of Stones

We have finished Round 1 of the Quincouplet project. Round two is now in motion.

I think the first round is a fascinating study, because each quincouplet is discrete and stands on its own, but in jusxtaposition to the others, each quincouplet plays off of each other. There's even an echo in this first round! Who knew that was going to happen! Our first theme was "wintering," but we've hardly had any inspiration. Our weather looks like March. Even the Canada geese, that are staying over this winter, are moving from the fields to the lake at night, in the patterns that lift our spirits in March. The relief that winter, which is usually harsh here, is nearly over. Of course, this puts fear in all of our hearts, because we know, living so close to Ontario, that a storm can roll in, towing arctic air. We'll see . . .


Yesterday, up early and out the door, driving East into the too bright sun-- white everywhere.
I thought of Charlemagne and how he steadied his horse full of fury. Strangely, the sun calmed me too.

It was a day of learning, exchanging ideas and experiences. I learned an intriguing method of archive/research, which stimulates critical thinking. It was a fabulous workshop and I have some ideas for a writing project, using their strategies. Maybe I can do a mini project with my creative writing class.

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