Saturday, January 14, 2012

Publication news

Recent Prose and Lyrical Poems and some in between appear on these online publications:
Punchnel's, Curio Poetry, Crack the Spine, Golden Sparrow Review, L.E.S. Review, and Untitled Country Review. Special thanks to the editors who selected my work and the good company I'm keeping in these respective online journals. Several offer "selected" print anthologies over the course of a year.


Snowed all day yesterday. Our first snowstorm of the winter. Consequently it's a late start for all of us who needs to get our driving skills in order. The morning commute was dicey. Typically, by this date, everyone is a seasoned winter driver who knows how to handle speed and slippery roads, and so on. I guess yesterday was another story. I decided to work from home yesterday, so I avoided the stressful commute. Perhaps the best decision I've made in this New Year. Even though I was born with the pioneer gene, there comes a time where you look out your window and see the wind swirling snow every which way and know your normal 45 minute commute is going to be 1.5 hours and you decide it would be better to stay put. Do your work from home, which I did and I didn't waste any time.


Our quincouplet project is moving along. Third Round begins today.
I've been keeping up with the River of Stones too.

Today, I have a exploratory workshop at the George Eastman House. Looking forward to this creative session. It's good for the head, heart, spirit.

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