Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Dear Spirit~

While I was grading my end of the semester papers, you brought
peace to a war that has been waging for nine long years. In 2002, Peter hung a wagon wheel peace sign on our house. The lights remained lit for 4 years, then they died out, one bulb at a time. Five more years. At last, good news. Time to restring the sign.

Spirit, I want peace, in every nook and cranny of our existence. Throughout the fall, we have been paring back.
We've been on a mission to reclaim our lives, which has been
a challenge, breaking habits that like an invasive root system have taken hold, in all sorts of insipid ways. Slowly, we're breaking free.

Spirit, I'm so grateful for the lessons of this farm. I think we're learning to be self-sufficient. Thank goodness we have a sense of humor. This life isn't a hobby, or a romantic notion, but people, who don't know this life, think it is.

Spirit, this is it, isn't it?

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