Monday, May 23, 2011

New Phase: Summer Cometh Slowly

Task: to create a writing manifesto that will unfold like a state map-- full of wonder and two lane highways, places I've been to before, but will see with a sense of renewal-- perhaps this summer will be my immersion into "the uncluttered." I think my life has a lot of clutter-- physically, mentally, which really messes with spirituality. The clutter comes in degrees of busyness. Busyness begets paper, piles upon piles of paper. Small thoughts, large thoughts, thoughts to build an empire. Thoughts that may inspire a change or maybe encourage a new set of muscles (I'm so polite-- drop and give me twenty is what's really going on in my head). I don't care if the muscle is mental or a full press workout. To think I may celebrate my birthday in September with a new outlook. This is the plan. Take a deep breath and don't hold it, just breathe and get back to the natural cadence.

Thus far:

Drinking 100 oz of H2O a day. Giving new meaning to float the boat.

Have started the daily cycling or better known as "spying on the neighborhood."

Re-discovering a sense of wonder. 100 days of reading, writing and drawing.


This past weekend went to a poetry reading at Brockport's newest art gallery: A Different Path located on 27 Market Street. If you want to buy a one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love, this is a place to visit.

This was my first visit to the gallery. Just Poets Kitty Jospe and John Roche read a selection of their newest poems in a call and response-- braiding their voices into a hour set by switching themes on the last poem offered by one and picked up by the other.

Poet Tom Holmes (editor of Redactions) is the curator of this new series. Next reading will be in August to celebrate the I-90 Poetry Revolution based on a manifesto that he and Sean Thomas Dougherty put out as a challenge to all who believe . . .

Here's the manifesto:

I enjoyed this reading very much. It's a lovely space. So glad I was able to attend.


Publishing News:

My poem "Waking, all the same" included in the recently released issue of The Meadowland Review It's an incredible issue. So pleased to be included.

Received the hard copy issue of The Prose Poem Project. Having this collection is such a gift.
Tony Leuzzi's "I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart," and Janet Kaplan's "Chronicle: series of poems, and Karla Linn Merrifield's "The Talisman Artifact" and "Summer Morning in Muir Park" and many others-- all worthy of mention. This is a remarkable collection of prose poems.
I'm so pleased "Goldfish, Swimming" is included here.

Ah, onward!

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