Monday, March 14, 2011

Traveling today to University of Pennsylvania

Taking a nearly 5 hour car ride today. Going to University of Pennsylvania at Altoona to read from my new collection Within Reach and teach two poetry workshops.

Looking forward to the drive and seeing the change of landscape. Hope the weather behaves.
It said that it was going to be 44 and sunny in Altoona today. Perfect. Here Comes the Sun!

The weather has been rocking back and forth on its heels. One foot still in winter, the other big toe in Spring. It's muddy here, but the geese are back!

Last Thursday took my Encounters class to Black Friars Theatre to see Williams's The Glass Menagerie. Well worth the tickets. Strong performances, especially Patrica Lewis Browne.

Upcoming Thursday, we're off to JCC to see The Triangle Factory Fire Project, which I saw on opening night. It has been getting strong audience reviews and attendance.

Both plays celebrate 100 years. Williams's birthday this year and 100th anniversary of the fire.
Around the same day in March. 25th, I believe.

This week is going to be very busy. Workshops here and there. March is a very busy month.

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