Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Round Up

Nap time

My friend has been taking care of her grandson on Mondays and Fridays since birth. He's two years old now. This is their nap time ritual:

1. Turn on large screen TV to the Golf station. 2. Get cozy on Lazy Boy. The two of them side by side. 3. Take off socks. 4. Wiggle each toe on each foot. (this takes concentration). 5. Doesn't that feel good! 6. Wiggle all toes. Doesn't that feel good! Then settle back. 7. Golf. 8. The narrator's voice is as soft as the rolling greens, and before you know, the child is fast asleep. 9. Slip out of Lazy Boy without waking the child. 10. Quick. You have two hours to get something done.

* * *

Snow is nearly melted. All day yesterday, high winds and bitter cold. More snow. Finally went to see The King's Speech. Oh, it was fabulous. I loved how they treated the story, giving us just enough narrative to appreciate both families, the historical times, and the need for trusting friendships. I was mesmerized by the sets. The texture of this movie is a feast. Simply gorgeous. The cast is sublime. All of them challenged by doing accents other than their own;
and the way they interpreted the humor in their conversational exchanges. The script offers so much to the actors. I bet this cast was so happy to be on board with this film. If you haven't seen this yet, you must go soon.

* * *


Just bought my first bag of Just Born Jelly Beans. They are really tender, non-gritty jelly beans.
And Easter is late this year. So these jelly beans are going to be in the stores for a very long time. Do I have any will power?

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