Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Sign of Snow!

Snow! Big fat flakes, big as silver dollar pancakes, ker-plop! All day, Saturday's skies were roiling with clouds. I love this kind of weather. I love the shift t0 101 shades of brown and yellow. Yesterday, our local band of wild turkeys (14 in total) had a stand off with our ducks. The ducks retreated as the turkey march like an infantry until they had the ducks pushed back into their sleeping quarters. The ducks waited and waited, until the turkey got bored and wandered away.

I have no idea what this bird behavior means, but maybe the lesson is this:
When any of us feel pushed back or under attack, we should just wait quietly like the ducks and our adversaries will get bored and wander away.

This week promises weather in the 60s. Hard to believe after seeing the hard frost this morning.
I'm slowly getting caught up with things. So instead of fretting about how much more I need to do, I'm celebrating all that I've done, which is an enormous amount.

Went to see Nowhere Boy last night at The Little. On a scale of 10, I give this 7. There were many things I enjoyed about its storytelling, but it seemed like it took a long time getting its legs.
You have to be very patient while watching this film, and you have to listen carefully. Some of the lines were lost to the heavy accents. I'm going to look forward to seeing this at home.

Everyone in my house is getting early Christmas presents. Books are being exchanged. Family members are curled up in blankets reading reading reading. Cup of tea, anyone?

I like today. Today we have 25 hours. I have an extra hour to do whatever I please. I feel sorry for the states who don't participate in Daylight Savings Time. It's just an ordinary day for them.

The end.

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