Friday, July 16, 2010

Jam News

Jam news:

Picked 4 pints of raspberries from our bushes. (haven't had decent berries in several years now).
4 pints equals 5 cups of fruit. Just enough for a short batch. Put up 6 12 oz jars. Now these stand with the strawberry jars (pints and 8 oz jars) on the sideboard. I love looking at the ruby red jars. The jam itself is heaven. Who doesn't love jam on toast?

We have several blueberry bushes that have about a pint of berries. Although, when I pass by to go to the East garden, I pluck one or two--the taste of sun and summer and glorious weather.
I think I will go to another farm and pick blueberries this weekend.

Saw signs for peaches too. Really? Peach season is here? Maybe so.

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