Saturday, July 3, 2010

As Long As We Shall Live

The Weed Cup

In over 3000 feet of garden, we're ahead, and I can't believe we have victory in sight.
We may have figured this out. The garden looks lush and we're already putting up Blue Lake green beans and Italian flat beans. Have eaten fresh lettuce (many different kinds), green beans, beets, yellow squash and zucchini. Our tomatoes have flowers. Can't wait for tomatoes. And, we planted rows of popcorn! Corn takes up a lot of space because you have to plant multiple rows for cross-pollination. Fingers-crossed that this planting works.

While weeding, the many hours I have been out there, I have been counting my blessings.
In what could be perceived as routine's rut, especially when it comes to gardening-- there will always be more weeds, and one has to be persistent to stay ahead of them-- I realized that the daily routine, things expected and delivered in their appointed hour are quite soothing. For example, the ritual of coffee. Where would I be without brewing coffee ? Without the small song I hum while making it? I like the quiet rhythms of summer. The rut I'm most grateful for.

It's funny every year in the garden, I vow not to over-extend myself with work in the upcoming year, and I always break this vow. It's true what they say: "No good deed goes unpunished."
Often, when asked, I find myself ready to help students, friends, colleagues out-- only to discover some cruel reality down the road--(really a kick in the teeth) some creepy under-telling or disparaging remark, which may be characteristic of being human and wanting to be number 1. Everyone is number 1. There are as many ones as blades of grass. You can count on this and lose track of numbers, knowing the mass is one. And ultimately, isn't the one you truly have to worry about is you.

So buckets of weeds that will be returned as mulch. Peter thinks the weeds are dirt-- that they come from dirt and return as dirt, but I think they're sun. I think everything we eat is sun, and sun is energy. I like to think of the "glow" while eating fresh foods. The idea of something glowing, something remarkable and not processed, not one of the four basic food groups in the American diet: fat, sugar, salt, and chocolate. ( I confess, it's hard to give up chocolate).

And yes, by popular demand, I'm making batches of brownies for my sister's picnic tomorrow,to celebrate our day of independence.

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