Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Round-up

Went to The Rochester Jazz Festival on Saturday night. Saw James Hunter's Band and bought his newest release: Kick It Around His music reminds me of the movie The Commitments. Soulful-bluesy sound that gets your body swayin' It was so warm Saturday night. The heat of the day hung on the streets. Thankfully, no rain for the concert goers. After listening to Hunter's set we walk around a bit and went in to RoCo (Rochester Contemporary) to see the 6X6 exhibit. Over 5000 pieces displayed. Quite impressive how the artists interpreted the 6X6. It's a tremendous fund raiser for the gallery. All of the artwork is $20.00. A red sticker means they've been spoken for; a tag means you can purchase the piece, or pieces. I really like a lot of the "spoken for" art work. (Missed opportunity) But there are others. Need to go back and spend a bit more time there looking.

Have written several six sentence stories. Sent one, "Desire," to Six Sentences, and it was published online last week. Had wonderful feedback. It's an intriguing form, creating a story in six sentences. Interesting too, I realized that several of these stories are about the same characters and I wondered what would happen if they were "linked." Would each section stand on its own as well as inform each other? Would it be snapshots of these characters, like a photo album? Would the bigger story be told, and would some of that story rely on white space?
I think certain details make you look closer at the narratives. Going to pursue this a bit.

Finished a poem yesterday:

"June's Salvation"

It's been perfect weather. Gardens are growing gangbusters. Finished weeding the main garden on Saturday. Some green beans the size of eyelashes. Need to check today. Some may be ready to pick. Saw a small yellow squash too.

On Sunday, Peter and I went canoeing on the pond. It was wonderful, gliding around, looking at the water irises and into the water which changes depth quickly. Small fry, not sure what they were. Peter saw some pan fish, and both of us saw grass carp. We scare two ringed neck ducks from the cattails and the red winged black birds were frantic, flitting back and forth-- definitely telling us to go away.

The baby chicks arrived on Saturday. They're so adorable. I love how they're so active, then suddenly doze off, standing up. Their beaks collapse into their chests, then down into the wood shavings-- ker-plunk.

Restaurant Recommendation:

John's Tex-Mex on South Avenue. Very Yum and reasonable on the summer budget.

Well, this week is going to be busy. Hopefully strawberry pickin' today.

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