Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Rant

Worked for six hours in the front garden, weeding the bean rows (Blue lakes, purple green beans, pinto, red, white, cranberry, lima). Three wheel barrels full of tender weeds-- the first harvest. Saw some tiny, tiny green beans-- they will be ready in a few days, so I better keep my eye on things. My arm are sunburned ( I did have sunscreen on). Slathered myself in aloe. This morning I'd like to go back out and finish a few more rows. It's raining, a soft gentle rain. I'm drinking my second cup of coffee and thinking seriously about it.

When I garden, I think about our environment. My hands in the dirt. My hands stained green-brown from the weeds. I'm so distressed about the Gulf Coast. The millions of gallons of oil spewing into the ocean. Still spewing. The arrogance of BP, cutting corners to make a profit, and how they got "around" the regulations. I keep thinking of all the wildlife, the thousands of animals affected by this-- another oil disaster. We have birds on our farm. Free-ranging chickens and ducks, and they spend so much time forging, which is what all the coastal birds are suppose to do, but how can they concentrate on eating when they're preening oil from their feathers, ingesting it two ways-- through their bills and skin-- A double dose of poison. I hope BP is duly punished for their negligence. The fines should be more than what it's going to take to clean up the mess. No deals, either. This is serious stuff. If they wiggle out of paying the fines, then we will know the truth about our government. We need to speak up about this. Buying a bottle of Dawn isn't going to be a cure. BP has to find a solution to cap that oil leak NOW. It's been days. We have to think of the health of our environment. We're being very foolish, not paying attention to this. What boggles my mind is they're dragging their heels to cap it off.
Why aren't they working on fixing the leak? Why isn't the news covering this?

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