Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Yesterday began with the sun and ended with the sun, but poured rain all the day long.
Went to a meeting in the early morning. Returned home by Noon, and helped Peter put by strawberry jam. 12lbs of berries equals 14 pints-- all the jars lined up like soldiers on my breakfront. Double dollop on toast this morning. The berries are a deeper red this year, and oh so juicy. This is the first gift of Summer.

I took all the berry caps out to the rabbits. White rabbits wearing rings of red around their mouths. The baby bunnies are growing fast. When I turned to walk back to the house, I saw a very large skunk, with the most glamorous coat, looked like Cruella DeVille's hair, wandering in the side yard, eating something , maybe slugs. The ducks had just passed through that area and were feasting on something with equal relish. I watched the skunk for a long time. It seemed to float over the yard, undulating black and white. Then, I worried about the presence of a skunk. They like eggs and would make short work of our hen and her clutch of eggs. We have to worry about opossums, raccoons, and skunks-- all have clever hands and can get through any latch, or wiring. Uncanny, really. And capable of total destruction.

Today is going to be very warm and sunny. Need to return to my weeding duties. Maybe put in a few hours before it gets too hot.

Time to get busy. . .

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