Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer 2010, Around the Corner

Summer 2010, just around the corner. . .

The ten baby ducks are having a blast swimming in the small pond. There's a lot of duck weed on the pond's surface, which the ducks have been gobbling up. They swim around and eat and drink, then get out of the pond and preen and sunbath, and every time I come around the bend, under the honeysuckle, they get up and huddle, huddle and mutter, mutter. . .

The chickens are doing well, but the rooster, who has never bothered me, is suddenly rushing me when I'm not looking. Scares the liver out of me.

The over-sized gardens are nearly planted. Peter has corralled all the gardens with netting. Hopefully this will keep the chickens out. Last year the rooster kept on snipping the ripe tomatoes and offering them to his gals. Not this year. The weather has been quite nice too. Although we did have a cold spell about two weeks ago and lost some plants-- mostly zucchini and yellow squash. Fortunately both can be replanted without much fuzz.

My writing plans this summer. . .

Let's see, I would really like to write about 1000 words a day. Want to finish my collection of essays. Want to finish the plays I've been working on.

Have resumed the poem a day challenge. Going to do a watercolor correspondence with my friend Jill, who lives in Oregon. We going to have two watercolor journals and mail them back and forth until they're full. Then each of us will have a completed journal. I'm looking forward to this.
Going to the Art Supply store this week to pick up the journal.

Wore my straw hat today and sunglasses. Planted three kinds of lettuce and spinach. Our gardens' dirt is really well turned this year. The plants that have been in for over a week are starting to jump in size. Will be planting throughout this week too.

Took a long bike ride today too. The lake was glassy and clean, shades of lilac and turquoise and navy blue. Off-shore breeze. The park was quiet this morning. A perfect morning.

Now to prepare for tomorrow's work. . . Oh, yes, went to the doctor's on Saturday, and it turns out I have a terrible sinus infection(probably remnant of the horrendous colds I had this winter that lasted six weeks per cold) and I'm taking an antibiotic that is hard on my stomach. But, I'm feeling so much better, and it's only day two. What was I waiting for? New resolution to take care of myself.

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