Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 18, 30X30

O beautiful morning light. The countryside so green. Brockport was so breath-taking yesterday.
The procession of Bradford pear trees in full bloom-- stunning holy suds, frilly white; equally stunning the sputter and cough of snow. I don't remember seeing beauty quite like this. Makes me forgive all the world's short comings.

Peter turned over the gardens on tax day, which is very early, and wasn't as taxing as he thought it would be(couldn't resist the pun). Our seed flats are started. We have our fingers crossed for a successful growing season. Oh, and good news found the Lilies of the Valley sprouting, but get this, they're caught in dandelion fists. So this is going to require some delicate surgery. Dandelions, what the Chinese aptly call Earth's nails, so hard to pry from where ever they decide to seed, which is everywhere when you're living in the country. In many ways, I'm grateful when I see this hardy survivor. Means our environment isn't full of poison.

Peggy Shumaker's poem "Long Before We Got Here, Long After We're Gone" was on Verse Daily on April 16, 2010. So you will have to go to archives to read it, but well worth the read. It's from her latest poetry collection Gnawed Bones (Red Hen Press). I'm going to do a review of this book in May. So stay tuned.

I'm still trying to keep up with the 30X30. Had to smile at Kelli Agodon's post, confessing that she was "writing a head" so she doesn't fall behind. She was up to 25 poems. So she could easily exceed the 30, right? Which means there may be an Olympic category for this. Kelli, you're setting a record!

Next week is the last week of the Spring semester. So much to do. We're having a lot of events: student art exhibit, Celebration of Words, final presentations, preparation for final exams, last papers . . . . The week will fly by. I wish the weather wasn't so distracting. Want to be outside, not stuck at a desk. I'm going to work for a couple hours, then go for a bike ride in the park.
Then come back and dive back in. I'm nearly done.

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