Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday, sunday, so much to do-- my ABC report

A. From mid-January to mid-week last week, I have gone to countless meetings, written so many reports, and sent out over 20 recommendations-- all of which I'm relieved to say: fini. Yet, the sad truth: not one of my students will thank me for the recommendation (s), nor will they let me know if they were admitted into their desired programs (grad school to law school to medical school). I will see them weeks from now, and say, hey did you get into your program? And, they'll say, oh yea, I did. And I'll say, why didn't you tell me????? Social grace. I think we need to teach a course on it.

B. I turned in my students' poems and fictions for a writing competition. Unfortunately, some of my favorite poems weren't submitted because the students didn't follow through. I gave up on hounding them, especially after reminding them at each class at the end of last semester. It was obvious they weren't going to do it. Malaise. They suffer it. They don't realize that they could be surprisingly richer by merely handing in their work. Oh well, maybe this is good news for the ones who did submit their work. Good luck to them.

C. Yesterday, or maybe two days ago now. Our roaming chickens were standing under the canoe that is parked behind our farmhouse. Imagine this: the canoe is turned over and off the ground.
All you can see are the chickens' pantaloons-- their legs moving in step or not. It looked like
they were shouldering the canoe to go for a ride. It made me laugh. I didn't have a camera, but hope I do catch it again, so I can show you the visual.

D. Went to see Spring Awakening this past week, with my Encounters class. I did love the music, but found the story's narrative disappointing. I thought because it was controversial, it was going to have the depth and artistic quality of Cabaret. It doesn't.

E. Read in the news today that Lucille Clifton has passed. Over the years I have heard her read several times. Last time was a couple of years ago on my birthday. Always poignant, inspiring,
witty, honest. Long live, Lucille. I will keep your words close and pass them on.

F. Right now, moment in time, there is snow in every state, but Hawaii. My sister Andrea lives in Hawaii and says they're currently in a drought. No rain.

G. My paper whites are leaping forward. My amaryllis is growing slowly. I'm caught somewhere between these two energies.

H. It's Valentine's Day. " Love the one your with!"

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