Monday, February 22, 2010

Memory Lane

Watched a 16 mm film converted to video of my sister Andrea's graduation from Manhattanville (1960) this weekend. I didn't go to the actual event, I was 7 years old at the time and went to my Aunt Jane's house, which was probably a glorious weekend in the house on Aberdeen Street. But, I always wondered about Andrea's graduation. So this weekend I attended her graduation. 1960, my dad was the cameraman. Everyone was so beautiful and glamorous. I cried. a lot. My mother posing with Andrea, glasses off. All around the demure smiles. My sister Karen, sidling in next to Andrea, and my dad giving up the camera to get in a scene with Andrea-- proof that he was there and not being called to deliver a baby, which was always happening-- 10,000 babies. That's proof that babies come at all hours of day and night, and interrupted every important event in our lives. Always at Father-Daughter Dinners, Dad was there for fruit cocktail and called out, and we (Karen and I) went home with someone else's father-daughter. But Dad looked so pleased. This was his day to celebrate Andrea. I felt his kiss on Andrea's cheek. I wanted a kiss too. I wanted to be with both of my parents again. Everyone so youthful. I loved seeing the cars-- a tribute to GM in the parking lot. The women in the watching crowd, with matching silver fox stoles in that May heat. the procession of all the young women and I could name a lot of them as they passed by. Dad was a good cameraman. He took everyone's picture, even the nuns hurrying past and the Cardinal, who blessed the day.

I think Andrea received a degree in European History. All the gestures of grace were my mother's gestures. It was so amazing to watch. Our half century memories. I want my children to see this film.

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