Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Wave Didn't Come!

Big wave didn't come . . . Glad to hear that it was quiet in the Pacific. The newscasters were
so keen on reporting the "pull back" action, which is a signal for the Tsunami wave, but it was also low tide. It didn't disappoint me that the wave didn't come crashing into shore. Yesterday, I kept track of both news and Olympics and stayed at home. We had a heavy snowfall Thursday night into Friday, over 20 inches here. It took over 5 hours to clear out our driveway, just in time to jump in the car and make it to my class, where most of my students were waiting for me.


Received news from Six Sentences that another one of my micro fictions, "The Interview," will appear in its print journal. The release date will be March 16th. The six sentence story is so much fun to write. Perfect for poets. I like the idea of the six word story too. Many of you know
Hemingway's "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." It's said that Hemingway claimed it to be his best work. Not sure if that's true, but I like how much is packed (implicitly & explicitly) into those six words. Six is an interesting number too-- as in six of those, half dozen of the other. It's a win-win number.


Upcoming week will be a catch up week. I'm looking forward to this luxury. By next Sunday, I want to tell everyone: mission accomplished. I want to have a lighter step. March is going to be very busy with special events. I'm looking forward to the scheduled readings and exhibits, lectures. March is a terrific month. Best day will be first day of Spring. I'm looking forward to that too. I'm hoping my lilies of the valley sleeping under the mound of snow have tripled. Last year in a bunch of donkeytail was one stray lily of the valley, which I planted. Next year I had at least three more. Then my friend who gave me the donkeytail, which is a succulent, gave me more of her lilies of the valley and they all took in transplant-- so I'm hoping for a real bouquet in Spring. Lilies of the Valley remind me of my mother, and I love the smell of those tiny white bells-- so lovely.

We've been looking at the seed catalogs too. Soon, soon. We'll be working the dirt again. Hopefully the weather will be better this year. Besides looking at seed catalogs, I've been checking out the class offerings at the Memorial Art Gallery. I would like to take another art class this summer.

Will March come in like a lion or a lamb? We'll see.

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