Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rewinding the whirlwind

I need to catch up here, so this will be a snippet post, a bit here and a bit there . . .

Winter Wheat

Perfect driving weather. Enjoyed the sessions I attended very much. In particular, The Curious Poem, Writing from the Wunderkammer led by Kathryn Neumberger.

I enjoyed her presentation-- rich in triggering many responses by witnessing her collectibles. She offered us poems by Moore(Lyric) and Carson (Lyric-Narrative). Would have enjoyed hearing some of her work too.

Exploding a Kernel
led by Brad Felver. OMG! WTF! What Will Happen Next? Creating Tension
in Short Fiction led by David McClure
. Both of these generated new flash fictions.

Came home with several new poems and flash fictions. Peter too. He wrote some wonderful
fictions. So it was a terrific getaway and as Winter Wheat promises-- a field sown with enough starts to keep us writing through the long winter. Looking forward to spending more time on
the writing prompts.


My knee hurts. I don't know what I did to it. It feels like a "trick" knee. I had a "trick" thumb a couple of years ago and cured it during my marathon knitting sessions.

I keep stretching it out and that seems to work for a bit. But it feels very funky.

This past week I put miles on my new Keds. I had a Wednesday of Forgetfulness. Had the long list of things to do in my brain, and I kept forgetting to take it ALL with me. So I march back and forth on campus on Wednesday, from building to building to building. Going back to the office (twice) to pick up paperwork I left behind. It was definitely squirrel activity. I wonder if I hurt my knee in all this marching around?

Today, another busy day. I will be back soon.

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