Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today, feels like Fall

Went to the Public Market today. It wasn't as crowded as it usually is, which was surprising. Most often we move along in the bump and jostle of people; stopping to purchase something is tricky because people follow that close-- so many near collisions.

Bought a bushel of Roma tomatoes. Our tomato plants didn't do well and the ones that did, the chickens feasted upon to their hearts' content. Presently I'm making a batch of fresh sauce and roasting red peppers.

The Market's offering was so colorful. All those fragrant baskets of peaches and plums, and tomatoes and peppers-- all kinds. We bought some more raw honey and onions and fresh mozzarella and slicing tomatoes too.

In the bustle, I watched two strollers pass each other and the babies inside, maybe 18 mos, waved hello to each other. It was so darling-- these fat little hands reaching out and the squeal of their voices.

Hoping to go for a walk in a bit. It's such a glorious day.

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