Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rainy Day Tuesday

Woke up early this morning, before dawn. Did some work, listening to the rain against the windows.

Reminds me of Lowell George singing "Can't Stop The Rain." Once I had a bunch of emails done, I proceeded to make another batch of fresh tomato sauce to put by. Nothing better than the taste of summer when it's snowing. The whole house smells yum. Made coffee. Ate a toasted slice of sourdough bread with a dose of peanut butter and strawberry jam. I'm set. Head is buzzing.

Outside my window, our small orchard and the farmer's large orchard alongside of it, all the trees heavy with fruit. The varying shades of reds and yellows and greens. This year, the apples and pears in abundance and so crunchy, so juicy, so sweet, you'd wonder why you ever wanted a pinch of sugar. Soon it will be time to pick those apples, very soon.

To Kill A Mockingbird is just a gorgeous book. I'm teaching it this semester and I just am in love with Lee's lyrical storytelling. It's just packed with metaphor. Most of my class had read it in high school, but I can see by their response and discussion that the book is opening up to them.
New ways of seeing and thinking.

Did you hear the news, Lucy, who inspired Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds passed away last week. How sad is that. She was 46 years old. She was suffering from Lupus, and Jullian Lennon,who, at age 4, did the drawing of her that inspired his dad to write the song, was in contact with her during her illness. The story was quite remarkable.

I've always loved that song and liked to sing it to our Lucy when she was a baby. I use to lift my niece up and fly her around the room to the song at the lake house. It was Wheeeeee! Ah so many years ago.

I did make a bunch of lists on Sunday and it set me on a decent path. The check marks done are quite satisfying. More to do today.

Good words to you all.

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