Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time to Weed

I have donned my "Potentially Disgruntled Employee' tee shirt, old cut offs , straw hat. It's time to tackle the sprawl of grasses that are trying to choke out our desperate plants.
Wish me luck.

2.5 hours in the blistering sun. Progress made. Tomatoes, eggplant and peppers may have a chance. Supposedly we're going to have a warm week (no rain!!), which means the plants will get what they need in order to double their size. Oh, I do hope the weather is warm and rainless right through to November. That would be perfect.

My face is sunburned and I had a wide brim hat on and sunscreen (?) It was really hot out there.
I took a swim after weeding. Water was just right. Then made an exceptional fresh dinner.

Here's the recipe:

Wash and chop up 4-5 tomatoes. Put chopped tomatoes in a decent size mixing bowl
and add these ingredients to the tomatoes:
Mince 2-3 small cloves of garlic (size of the pad of your baby finger).
Chop up 4-5 fresh, white mushrooms. Mushrooms need to be washed and patted dry.
then chopped.
Chop up into small pieces fresh mozzarella.
Chop up 4-5 leaves of fresh basil.
Chop a wedge of fresh yellow or red pepper
sprinkle a bit of red pepper flakes
a shake of pepper and seasoned salt
Then two turns around the bowl with olive oil
Mix all the ingredients and let sit
while you prepare your pasta per directions.

Drain pasta, put a little olive oil on pasta so it doesn't clump. You pick your favorite pasta. I like spaghetti rigati, which is a ridged spaghetti strand. But pasta is personal, so you pick what you like. You can serve this on one big plate family style or individual plates.
Put the fresh sauce on top of the pasta. With grated cheese (Pecorino Romano is my choice)
Serve with fresh salad and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Oh it's so good.

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