Thursday, August 20, 2009

Air Mail

I came across some overseas stationery in my desk drawer. The thin blue papers that fold into the shape of letter. I was trying to remember who was far away when I purchased these delicate pages? Maybe it's you, you who are at a distance and waiting for some news. I wish this blog was tissue blue, see through onion skin, and I had a glossy ink pen that didn't smudge.

Received news from a friend yesterday that he was undergoing heart surgery that afternoon. it stopped me cold. Later heard that the surgery went well and he was doing well, and able to write an update to everyone. I'm so glad he was able to recognize trouble and get help immediately. I wish him speedy recovery. He is a vital person and dear friend and generous poet.

Received a note that Cherry Grove Collections is expecting my poetry manuscript in September. It's hard to believe that the time has arrived. Within Reach was accepted on 4/2/2008. Soon it will be a book to hold. I'm looking forward to the Spring 2010.

Received a grant from Poets & Writers ( Thanks! P&W) for Mark Yakich's upcoming poetry reading at St. John Fisher College on September 24. I have collaborated with R.I.T. ( John Roche & Paulette Swartzfager) to bring this New Orleans poet to our area. Mark will also present a workshop at R.I.T. on September 24. I will post all the exact details in a bit. But save the date.

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