Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Night: Hamlet in the Park

Last night, I went to see the last performance of Rochester Shakespeare Players' Hamlet in the Highland Bowl Park. I love watching performances at this venue. The stage is set at the bottom of a hilly basin and people with blankets and lawn chairs sit on the hillside and watch. The crowd was quite large. I would guess 500 people were there. No rain (thankfully) and decent sound. Fireflies were blinking on and off in the trees. It did get quite cool. Note to self, always bring extra blankets.

One annoying thing: a woman who was an excessive smoker was sitting behind me and was running commentary on everything that was going on. Usually, I can shut out other noise, but
she became more than background. It was nervous talking. She couldn't stop. Shame on me for not saying anything, but she was sitting with the director.

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