Monday, July 6, 2009

Ka-boom! Another 4th of July weekend!

The 4th of July picnic went well. I had fun holding my newest great grand nephew Brady. He's so adorable. I think he's about three months. He slept on my chest for over an hour. We were cozy together. All the children had fun playing on the beach and going into the lake, which I believe is still cold. Although it didn't phase them. No blue lips or chattering teeth.
The ring of fire was amazing and fireworks galore. I left my sister's after midnight. It was peaceful sitting on the deck after all the fireworks ended. The fires still burning. The lake calm, clear skies, no wind.


Put up strawberry jam yesterday. It took us several hours and so many precise steps. It was like a dance. I love to look at the jars all lined up on the sideboard. The 10 lbs plus an extra quart bought at a road side stand because we were two cups short made 15 12 oz jars and 3 8 oz jars. Not bad. I may go back to Brown's today and pick some more. There is nothing better than a taste of summer when we have two feet of snow.


I have a bunch of things I have to accomplish today. I woke up early, so you would think I'd have a jump on it. But I don't, not really. Have some big decisions to make in the next few weeks and I think I'm waiting for some divine counsel or sign, or both. Hopefully I'll make the right choices.


I think I have a new series of poems coming together. Have been writing nearly every day.

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