Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In the Mail, a SASE

Received one of my envelopes yesterday. A surprise and delight too. Most submissions are done online now. Rarely send via mail. But I've had two SASEs return in the past month or so. Both with good news. I miss the ritual of the SASE, that is opening the envelope and reading the little slip of a note. I like mail. But realize that everyone is moving toward green enterprise, and that's important.

Sometimes I think my blog is "my letter to the world," even though it's filled with the day to day.

Have been taking long bicycle rides in the park. I "think" I own the park and the lake. I love watching the play of light upon the water. Everything is so green. The sight of chicory means
we're turning toward fall. But we haven't had summer yet! It's been so rainy and cooler than usual. We've had to drain our gardens. Praying that the veggies won't rot. Have been enjoying fresh green beans and peas and cukes. A surprise finding them in the garden. Still no zucchini.
Maybe later this week.

My last art class is this Thursday. Have been working on my sketchbook. I have some ideas percolating for essays and poems. Need to settle down and write. I've been antsy though.
I think I'm caught between two places, and consequently wandering a bit.

Well, this morning looks promising. Time to push the restart button.

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