Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yesterday into Today

Finished another scarf yesterday. Quite glamorous.

Wrote another poem that I keep tinkering with. Delicate mechanics. Sometimes I think the
nip here and there could cause the poem to implode or explode. So far I haven't gone too far.

Haven't been able to do deep work in the garden because of all the rain. And, it's going to be cooler and rain right up to 4th of July.

Finished an anthology yesterday. Took it to the printers. Will pick it up today and deliver it to our program director. Another year's work is complete. The work is quite brilliant-- our future competition.

I made popcorn on the glass top stove last night and it turned out perfect!

I want to take the sketchbook class at the Memorial Art Gallery. I have to sign up for it.
Hope I'm not too late.

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