Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday's Garden

I worked over 14 hours yesterday. I'm just plum tuckered out today. My brother is visiting and I'm going to see him this evening. Looking forward to catching up with him. He lives in Virginia now, where they have red dirt. Went outside this morning just to regroup and see what's sprouting in the garden and checking on all the animals. The RI Red chickens are getting big-- losing that puck rock feather stage. My grandson Jack, who is a red head, named all three hens Jack. I thought about this when I was looking at them. Of course, we should call them Jackie 1,2,3.

Everything is starting to be lush. That point when you know everything is just going to kick into high gear and grow, grow, grow, especially the weeds. We have some feisty weeds, too.
Will have to get out there soon to head them off.

I have to teach this afternoon. Dragging my heels a bit. Need to get going.
Received a thank you note in the mail today. Social grace. It still exists. It's amazing how few people say thank you, much less write it.

I'm really tired. Need some energy. Please send some my way. The afternoon awaits . . .

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