Monday, June 22, 2009

Houston . . .We Have Stove!

What a difference a stove makes! The glass top range is a new concept for me. The pan "floats" on the top, so I have to be careful with my cooking gestures, or else the pan will "fly" off the stove. The oven has "even" cooking temperature. The funfetti cake turned out perfect! This is very exciting stuff.


Today is going to be a busy residency day. PD in morning, then working with select students in the afternoon. I'm going to stop at this 4 greenhouse, family-owned farm market on my way home. I stopped there last week and bought a hanging basket for one of my friends who retired. It was just gorgeous, what I named, "Go with the Flow"pink petunias-- not pale pink but a true knock-your-socks- off pink. These would look lovely on my porch. The woman who works there is so much fun to talk to. She's a wealth of flower info. I listened very carefully to her "dead-heading" technique. It's amazing how many private lessons I get in a day!


This is week five of summer school. We're heading for the home stretch. Hard to believe it will be over next week. Then Fourth of July, which is a big family gathering.

Rebecca Loudon has a recipe on her blog that sounds yum. Rebecca, please don't take the recipe down yet. Someone said she should write a cookbook. I think so too. I like the cooking songs that come with her recipes.


Let the week begin! I'm ready and feeling much better.

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