Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yesterday was Johnny Appleseed Day!

Well this has been a good news, bad news, sad news week.

A childhood friend died suddenly. This news has made me lonesome for everyone I've lost. I attended the funeral service on Monday. Personally, I think services should be dedicated to remembering the one who has passed. I wanted to hear more stories.
It's awful losing a sibling. I think it's worse than losing your parents. Something happens to the family order. I miss my brother. Think about him a lot. I know this family is going to miss their sister. I'm holding on to the notion that we are energy and our spirit joins the collective energy once it leaves our bodies. So we can "tap" in on the energy and think of those we love and be connected. This is prayer for me. I actually do a lot of praying.

Good news, I've been writing a lot this week. (Oh what does that say?). And, I went to Big Lots and the Thrift Store. I bought a primitive wooden chicken. It looks like our black and white chickens. Big Lots is just a crazy store. Packed with all sorts randomness. Sometimes I need to look at aisle upon aisle of randomness. (And what does that say?). I bought bottles of Olive Oil.
and a can of salted cashews and almonds, birthday cards, a spring print tablecloth for the kitchen, and a jar of spicy bean sauce (will see if it's exceptional) No MSG, which caught my eye.

Getting caught up with the upcoming readings and events. It's going to get busy next week and into April. Many wonderful events coming up.

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