Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poetry Month: Will be riding six white horses

This maybe a circus act, juggling between the end of the semester stuff with poetry readings and workshops galore. So much to do, so much to do.

Good news this week: Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review accepted my poem "Winter Tableau" inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's painting Winter Road, 1. Also, Northville Review accepted my short story "No Such Luck." Both will be published this summer.

On Thursday, March 26, Tony Earley read from his novels Jim the Boy and The Blue Star at St. John Fisher College. We (Arts Minor Program) sponsored this reading, which is part of Writers & Books' annual event "If All of Rochester Read the Same Book. . ." Tony was adorable, witty and Carolina charming. My students loved him. They loved the book too. I'm looking forward to my classes' post-reading discussion. They all had big smiles after the reading. Always a good sign.

I want to submit artwork to Rochester Contemporary's 6X6X2009. Deadline is May 10, 2009. Seeking artwork 6"X6" in size, and signed only on the back. Artwork may be delivered directly to RoCo, 137 East Avenue. Wed-Sun 1-5 p.m. 461-2222. (This info is what is listed in City Newspaper.) Last year's event was a huge success. Looking forward to this year's event too.

Two little Ukranian girls came to our farm yesterday and bought two bunnies from us. They were whispering to each other about which one to pick. One was black and white and the other was gray. I can't imagine why they didn't pick the little black bunnies. So adorable. Those are my favorite.

The chickens are hilarious and having a wonderful life roaming free. The Barred Rocks have gentle personalities. I love listening to their constant murmuring. There is one who gets separated from the group and sends out an alert that's so woeful. Scares the liver out of me. I think something horrible has happened.

We're getting ready to start our seeds. Spring is on its way. You should hear the peepers under the willows across the street from us. It's a symphony. Years ago, I went with a friend, her name was Rebecca and we called her Reb, to a marshy field in Henrietta NY at dawn and taped the peepers (tree frogs) and larger frogs too. She was a musician, and wanted to capture their chorus on tape. So, out we went to this field, and set up the equipment, and some of the frogs literally hopped up to the microphone and did solos. It was so funny, way ahead of the Budweiser commercials. The tape was terrific. Reb was very talented, in so many ways, and
an exceptional baker. She made the best old world cherry strudel. Her grandmother's recipe.
My memory only holds on to the really important stuff.

Also, what poem are you going to be carrying in your pocket on Poem in Pocket Day? I wonder what the top ten poems will be?

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