Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not sure if this in Lamb or Lion?

The sun is shining, but I know it's very cold. No new snow. Lamb or Lion or Lamion, somewhere in the middle? March is here.

Yesterday, went to see the Wizard of Oz yesterday with my daughter Meghan and granddaughter Brigid at Greece Athena Performing Arts Center. This is a new building for the Greece Athena High School. It must seat over 1000. The actors were 7th and 8th graders and they were amazing singers. A lot of talent on that stage.

The sets dynamic. The costumes vibrant, especially the munchkins. I can't imagine what their high school productions are like. The actors flew-- Wicked Witch, Miss Gultch's bicycle, monkeys, crows, Glinda, the hot air balloon. The captain monkey flew out into the audience.
There must have been 60 students in the cast. They were having so much fun. They had two Totos-- stage right and stage left, but we didn't know until the end.

Our decision to go was spontaneous. Sent Peter to buy tickets at Wegmans (local grocery store) but they turned him away, telling him the tickets had to be purchased at the door. He phoned us and told us the scoop. So we jumped in the car and when to the theater. Meghan dropped me off at the door and I hurried up the sidewalk into the building to the box office. While I was fast walking, I was thinking, Oh it would be so great if someone came up and returned tickets on the floor. I knew we were going to settle for three tickets in the balcony. Sure enough, a woman with tickets, row B , center seats, came to the box office with return tickets and they sold those to me. SCORE!!!! Meghan found me and was about to speak and I said, "Just a minute" in that tone she knows as keep quiet, and she did. She and Brigid stood there and waited and they gave me the tickets. Perfectly wonderful.

It was so much fun.

Have to make french toast sticks for everyone. Hope you all have a gentle Sunday.

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