Sunday, January 18, 2009

Launch of the Adelaide Project, linked cinquain

Just sent off an elaborate email to the poets who will be participating in the Adelaide Project.
The linked cinquain will begin on January 24 2009 and complete on March 28, 2009. We will have a celebratory reading in April 2009.

This will chase the winter blues away. Thank you Just Poets members for participating in this project.


Mary Biddinger (The Word Cage) asked three questions about things that we're thankful for, but at the time didn't realize we were thankful.

1. Typing (argh!) I'm such a snip. In my day at Our Lady of Mercy High School, I took personal typing and Sister Margaret Mary, whose face looked like a strawberry set in whipped cream, told me I didn't work to my potential because I looked at my hands; and I said, Sister, I'm never going to need typing, I'm going into academics. I know: totally insane. I think of her every day
as I cluck and coo over the keyboard like a chicken. Telling the story makes me think twice about what comes out of my mouth. It makes me laugh too because nuns always have the last word, always.

2. Music. I'm thankful for music and how it creates a community. I loved singing in a choir. Wish I were singing in a community choir now. I should look into that possibility.
3. The brutal critique by Haiku editors. You betcha 17 syllables or less, I'm getting better at this form.


Just received in the mail yesterday, The Poets Guide to the Birds edited by Judith Kitchen and Ted Kooser. It's lovely-- so honored to be included in this anthology. This collection will appeal to birders. I know many birders. Actually many birder friends are poets.
I wonder, could you read these poems and count it as a sighting on a life list? That could be a two for one, especially for folks who can't get out when the weather is acting up. (It's pin needle cold in Western NY.) Will have to buy extra copies. This will be a perfect gift.

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