Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Day of January

It's been so cold and snowy, one of our black and white chickens has been laying crooked eggs . . .
What does that mean? I woke up early this morning, before dawn, and could see the shadows of seven deer moving single file through the apple orchard. By daylight, thirty robins were in the crab apple tree. They appeared anxious, pecking at the frozen fruit. Our resident pileated woodpecker was hanging on the feeder and new snow falling. Quite a sight from our kitchen window. This winter has been tough on the animals foraging for food. They are taking risks coming closer, and within reach of the cats . . .

* * *

The Northville Review is now live! Looks terrific. I personally like online ezines.
Here are my favorite ones: The Centrifugal Eye, Apple Valley Review, Lark!, The Hobble Creek Review, The Public Republic, Brevity, Smokelong Quarterly . . . What online journal do you read? Recommend?
I love the immediacy of online journals-- a poem, story, nonfiction essay, just a click away.
I appreciate the increased readership, too. I have been introduced to many fine writers by reading online. True, I will always love books, and many of these online zines have made print anthologies, which is the best of both worlds. I imagine the sales of the printed version would increase because of the online visibilty.

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