Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fair Weather: Sunday August 11, 2013

Farm Fresh Eggs! Every day is Easter!
Photo: Meghan Tonery

Today is Sunday, August 11th.  It's perfect weather.
 I imagine this will be a great day of wonder and wander.  I'm going to dedicate some hours to my creative work, then I'm going to be creative in getting what needs to be done, done.

I need new shoes. Shoes that will carry me effortlessly through the upcoming semester.  Shoes that will be kind to my feet. 

This past week, while I was engaged in a summer writing camp at Writers & Books (My Name In Print), my unattended email was blowing up with all sorts of good news. Sandy Benitez editor of Poppy Road Review nominated my poem "The Clearing" for Best of Net.  Please check out all the poems she nominated.  I am so honored to be selected.

Check out:

My poem  "Rainier" is included in this summer issue.  The current call for Fall issue  has a day left to submit. Editor Larissa Nash  writes: "In anticipation of Halloween, I would like to see a variety of themed submissions for the Autumn 2013 issue: work that concerns the dark origin of fairy tales. Your ghosts. Your goblins. Your beasts. Rattle those chains! The reading period for the Autumn 2013 issue will close August 12th, 2013."  This is a terrific journal.  I hope you will check it out and submit your best work.

The Flutter Poetry Journal, edited by Sandy Benitez accepted three of my poems for its recently released issue. Check it out.   Sandy is also the editor/publisher of Flutter Press.
Check out the new poetry titles.  I have been following several of the poets listed in journals (online and print). I will be ordering shortly, especially want  Landscaping by Changming Yuan.

 Received this call for submission from Ragged Sky:


Ragged Sky will be publishing Blanket Stories, a poetry and art anthology, in 2014. We hope you will participate.

The Blanket Stories Project invites poets and artists to respond creatively to a story of sibling rivalry. The brief, simple story is podcast on the Blanket Stories website: http://blanketstories.netConceived by artist Richard Jochum, Blanket Stories aims to spread peace, cooperation, and appreciation for art & poetry. 

Selected poems and art will be published in an anthology by Ragged Sky and exhibited/read at a launch event in the winter of 2014 at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City. ALL submissions will be published in an online gallery, as well. Instructions for poetry submissions available at:

Extended Deadline: August 31, 2013

Thanks for your support, and we hope you find the Blanket Stories Project inspiring.

Ragged Sky

***  Ragged Sky produces gorgeous anthologies and individual titles.

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