Sunday, August 9, 2009

Out of Touch

Spent last week in the company of teen writers. A creative writing workshop focusing on poems, fiction, nonfiction & monologues. Again, the week went by quickly. Fortunately, it wasn't stressful getting to this week's workshop, as it was in the last workshop. Somehow I hit the highways just right, arriving 15-20 minutes early all week. I swear my spine locks when I get uptight. Stuck in construction or rubber-necking- the-how-did-that-happen accident is just enough to put me over the edge. I have to remind myself to offer it up. Stuck is stuck, until it's unstuck. What can you do?

Many times I wish I had a jet pack. That would solve a lot of distance problems for me.
I start out so early, not to be late, (I live at the end of the "milky way" on "Ma's Cow" road), but sometimes the trip becomes a test of letting go. There are some things not in our control-- road construction is one of them. I think I'm talking about this because the Fall semester will be beginning in 3-4 weeks. What? I declared every day from now until then will be Saturdays!


  1. Honest? Ma's Cow road? Oh I hope that's true. It's the best road name I've ever read.

  2. Yes, RK, back in the day, our road was called "Ma's Cow" and became Moscow, which is true to its name in our winter white outs.