Wednesday, January 4, 2017

So Easy (For Them) To Say

Photo: P. Tonery Red Rooster Farm.
A  New Year View

Today. the second day of rain, and the snow is disappearing. Yesterday, Peter and I went into Brockport to do some errands. We stopped at the Seven Holy Vets store on the hill. It was Finders Day. I found two never been worn sweaters, which will be perfect for work. Peter found a coffee bean grinder and a thermometer and a wool jacket.

Yesterday, I spent three hours editing a short story for one of my favorite writers.  I have had a long "word-related" relationship and, in many ways, I think editing his work has made me a stronger writer.  He has a new writing project that is shaping up nicely.  So glad that he sent this latest story now, rather than later. 

Speaking of writing projects, I have sent one of mine out, and in the submission quidelines, the press asked for 1-2 paragraphs describing the work. This was challenging to write.  Funny, tho' while writing  the description, I realized  what was the "under-telling" in this collection of prose poems and micro fictions, and that was a revelation for me, warts et al.

Over this break, I have been working on 100 word stories, which are addictive, and lyric poetry. Both of which are peeling back the wallpaper on what  is happening  'inside' as well as 'outside.'

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!

It's been weeks since my last blog post.  A lot happened in the Fall of 2016.  The harvest lasted until the end of November, which seemed to be endless hours standing over pots of boiling water. The dining room table withstood the weight of jars upon jars of tomato sauce, strawberry, plum, raspberry, and "Blazberry"preserves, salsa, salsa verde, pickles, and more.

Here is canning evidence of  what was keeping me away from this blog:

In late October, I had the opportunity to go to the North Country SUNY Potsdam to promote my newest poetry collection Small Worlds Floating (Cherry Grove Collections, August 2016) as well as offering an Ekphrastic poetry workshop.  Earlier in September, I read at Writers and Books, and at Your Quiet Eyes Bookstore; and then in early November, I had the best time reading at CFI literary Cafe hosted by Poet Jennifer Campbell. I am very grateful to those who attended these readings and bought my book.  I am fortunate to live in a strong and supportive literary community.

Small Worlds Floating has received some buzz in thumbnail reviews:

Verified Purchase
Small Worlds Floating was game changer in how I look at connecting the landscape to my life, family, seasons to my writing. Iuppa captured the much forgotten simplicity of life with Company is coming and landscape perspective with Natural History. One of the first poetry books I have ever read cover to cover. It spurred several concepts and memories to fuel my own writing.
If you have ever looked closely at a raindrop hanging from a leaf, you know that you can see images reflected and refracted, so richly held that you sometimes hold your own breath, lest the drop fall and the world be lost. I had the same feeling reading these poems. The "ordinary," the "quiet," the "everyday" of life trembles on their surfaces, while their complexity and the surprises inside them slip into view and make me gasp. I couldn't read the book all at one sitting - I kept trying, but couldn't do it. I needed to slow down and pay attention to what was going on in these "small worlds," because the invitation was there to travel inward, and so I did, and quite possibly I still am.

And featured on Verse Daily

Consequently, I will be doing more readings in the Winter-Spring-Early Summer.  Looking forward to promoting this collection in 2017, and awaiting  the release my fourth full-length collection This Thirst (Aldrich Press, September, 2017).